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Shintaro Kago

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Chelsea Wolfe and King Dude 7” is available HERE

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Femme du Djelfa, Algeria.

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A Moorish warrior.

The same degree of intellect and learning was brought by the Moorish conquerors of the Iberian peninsula to Portugal.  Like Spain, that country was to be culturally influenced by the Moors.  Its association with Africa dates as far back as the fourth and fifth centuries when Africans arrived in southern Europe.  But it was in 711 A.D. that they marched in as conquerors under the command of Tarik.  To reinforce what has been said earlier these Moors, as the early writers chronicled, were “black or dark people, some being very black.”

After the invasion of 711 came other waves of Moors even darker.  It was this occupation of Portugal which accounts for the fact that even noble families had absorbed the blood of the Moor.

From that time onwards, racial mixing in Portugal, as in Spain, and elsewhere in Europe, which came under the influence of Moors, took place on a large scale.  That is why historians claim that “Portugal is in reality a Negroid land,” and that when Napoleon explained that “Africa begins at the Pyrenees,” he meant every word that he uttered.

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Full of Hell / NJ show poster

This lineup is insane.