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The only thing better than seeing women who stand up for their rights, is men who stand beside them in solidarity. Add that to a movement of indigenous peasant resistance against the forces of colonialism and global capitalism and you have the Zapatistas, one of the most prolific revolutionary groups to embody the intersectional struggle of a people. 

The blend of anarchism, Marxism, and traditional indigenous beliefs in their ideology makes them that much more volatile and inspirational.

EZLN Women’s Revolutionary Law (1994)

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Gabriel García Márquez, Nobel laureate writer, dies aged 87

The Colombian Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, who unleashed the worldwide boom in Spanish literature with his novel 100 Years of Solitude, has died at the age of 87, a person close to the family has said. García Márquez had been admitted to hospital in Mexico City on 3 April with pneumonia. Full story

Pictured: Gabriel García Márquez at his house in Mexico City, 2010. Photograph: Miguel Tovar/AP

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Adiós Gabriel, nos volveremos a encontrar en Macondo.


Genesis P-Orridge photographed by Sheila Rock.

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Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, Columbus, Ohio, July 1986, by J. Fotoman


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